What is this?

pitchNToss Ever played Pitch N Toss? It's an old-school game in which people throw coins towards a wall and the one who lands closest to the wall takes all the coins. I have found a smart contract on reddit that lets you play Pitch N Toss with real Ether using their developed smart contract. (you choose a block, that block becomes the wall and the person who throws Ether closest to that block wins all the others' Ethers, if you hit the wall (transaction appear after the target block), you will be participating in the ICO. Every 2100 blocks the contract will automatically distribute 10,000,000 satoxi tokens among ICO participants of that distribution period according to their contribution.)

Their smart contract does not have any GUI, so I created this GUI to interact with their smart contract in a more user-friendly way. (My Eth address for kind donations: 0xC2d2097d7008b8A3BbEB1201A232015B81e732Cf)

How to play?

curBlk Go to Play tab and click the Toss button at the right time before the target block (the target block for this link is 6500000 by default, and you can always see the current block in the dashboard above.) This will toss ethers to the game ( 0.001 Eth for anyone playing with this link). If the game is finished (current block > target block) and your transaction is closest to the target block, click claim on the claim tab to collect all the Ethers tossed by loosers of the game.
If you wish to play with a different target block or different toss amount, you can do so in the bounty tab above by creating your own game link and sending the link to people whom you want to challenge, this will even make you eligible for the bounty program of the smart contract. (more info in Bounty tab)

What is satoxi token?

Satoxi (stxi) is the utility token which you receive if you hit the ICO (transaction appear after the target block). According to Spartacus, the creator(s) of this smart contract, satoxi will be the utility token of all their future DAPPs and it even has utility in this current game of pitch N toss. In order to toss more than specific amount of Ethers in a game, the ethereum address who is tossing should have enough balance of satoxi tokens. In other words, tokens will not be spent but if you don't have enough token balance you won't be able to play in high ether games.

Tossing Amount Min Required Satoxi Balance
less than 50 Milli Ethers (0.05 Eth) 0
less than 100 Milli Ethers (0.1 Eth) 2,000
less than 150 Milli Ethers (0.15 Eth) 4,000
less than 200 Milli Ethers (0.2 Eth) 8,000
less than 250 Milli Ethers (0.25 Eth) 16,000
less than 300 Milli Ethers (0.3 Eth) 32,000
less than 350 Milli Ethers (0.35 Eth) 64,000
less than 400 Milli Ethers (0.4 Eth) 128,000
less than 450 Milli Ethers (0.45 Eth) 256,000
less than 500 Milli Ethers (0.5 Eth) 512,000
Unlimited 1,024,000

*Refer to you local regulations to find out if online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction or not, if it's not then this game is not for you.

Prepare to pitch
(0.001 Eth @ Block #6500000)

If the game is finished (current block > target block) and your transaction is closest to the target block, click claim to collect all the Ethers tossed by loosers of the game.

If your transaction hit the ICO (your transaction block > target block), wait until the ICO distribution period is over (every 2100 blocks since the creation of the smart contract) then click claim to collect satoxi tokens.

If you don't understand the lines above, just wait till your toss transaction get confirmed then wait 8 more hours then click claim. (ICO is approximately every 8 hours)

Since the contract has a bounty program, you can use this tab to create your own game link. According to the reddit page of the smart contract (available in QA tab):
"All Eth addresses which create games will receive 2,000,000 satoxi token per each game participant shortly after game target block! (applicable to gameIDs with more than three participants and only while Airdrop stocks last)"

Below you can find the reddit page of the smart contract for which I created this UI.

Pitch N Toss with real Ether at this smart contract from u/spartacus_satoxi

Below you can find my source code for this GUI. If you wish you can also host the the html file on your own localhost and play from localhost: